Speaker Profiles
A profile of our speakers for Houhou Te Rongo.

RPA March/April Newsletter 2018
Have a read of our newsletter, featuring information about our upcoming conference, and a discussion on restorative values.

RPA Conference 2018
Please click below to read about our upcoming conference 29 May 2018 to held at Parihaka.

Political Parties Views on Restorative Justice
For the latest edition of our newsletter we emailed all the Political Parties in New Zealand and asked them four questions on restorative justice. Click on the link to view their answers.

RPA May/June Newsletter 2017
Have a read of our newsletter with an article on Iwi/Community Panels and VUW Restorative University!

RPA Overview
An article from our General Manager, Mike Hinton, explaining what we do here at RPA and how we work with the Ministry of Justice. Click on the PDF link below to have a read.

RPA's response to a Stuff article 
An article on Stuff by Kelly Dennett titled ‘Rape Victim embraces attacker at Restorative Justice Session’ was released on the 14th of May. Link below:
Click on the PDF link below to read our response to the article.

Successful RJ conference leads to anti-drink-driving educational campaign
A recent RJ conference involving a drink-driver and the family of the woman he killed has been praised as one of "the most effective" ever seen by Crown Prosecutor Cherie Clarke. At the wishes of the family, the offender has engaged in an anti-drink-driving campaign, potentially preventing many more from making the same fatal mistake. Read more at http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/crime/10263124/Alternative-sentence-praised

Restorative Justice Standards For Family Violence cases
The 2013 Restorative Justice Standards for Family Violence cases outline the orginal best practice guidelines for standard restorative justice referrals and the new standards for faimly violence referrals.To view visit this link: Restorative Justice Standards for Family Violence

Facilitator Training and Accreditation Review
This review examines Restorative Justice (RJ) training and accreditation in New Zealand. The Ministry of Justice (MOJ) has commisioned this review through RJA. A Review of the Training and Accreditation of Restorative Justice Facilitators in Aotearoa New Zealand

Interview on ABC National Radio
An innovative program in New Zealand, called Project Restore, is providing a new avenue for victims of sexual assult to confront perpetrators and deal with the devastating impact of offending behaviour, and the associated anxiety that can trail survivors for years. http://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/lawreport/law-report-26th-november-2013/5115058