19897-restorative-justice-aotearoaThe restorative justice process is a completely voluntary process and it is also a very personal process.

Restorative Justice puts people back into the centre of the process and it is the choice of everyone involved in the process, victim, offender, whanau, supporters, and community members if they wish to participate or not.

Each and every circumstance is particular to that individual, if you feel as a victim or offender that it is something you would like to do, and are ready to do, then participate, if you feel that you do not wish to participate, then don't. It is important that you exercise your choice and what you want to do for you.

Declining an opportunity for a restorative justice conference is fine, you just may not be ready at that time, you may or may not be ready at a later date, again, that is for you to decide. Never feel pressured, or coerced into attending a conference.

It is a personal choice that only you can make and you need to be comfortable with your decision.